I visit the zoo.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

Bluebird: See, you push a piece of straw in here, wind it through here, and it comes out here very neatly. But now it's turned, so the lighter yellow shows. And it curls in the middle. A surprise for the eye. And this piece of hair, I've wound it three twigs round and secured it with mud. Something to consider.

Visitor: Fine work. And I see you've got part of a black shoelace and twigs from several trees and leaves of different colors and sizes.

Bluebird: And I've got Ron Silliman's "Compliance Engineering" (BAP2004) in there. I put the full moon in here and pull the rectangular moon out here. I work in circles and parallels and frames and rectangles and circles and lines and no right angles.

Visitor: And there are workers stampeding out just after an outbreak migrating.

Bluebird: Yep. And Christmas lights, a special light, and a fluorescent night light.

Visitor: Toyotathon and Pop-up Video and Discovery Zone and Where's Waldo.

Bluebird: Indeed. "Our true form in the blurb."

Visitor: An ice cream machine and fire doors.

Bluebird: All construction materials.

Visitor: And there are various birds.

Bluebird: Oh. I never notice birds in poems. They're always so two-dimensional.

Visitor: So you wouldn't say this is a poem for birds.

Bluebird: No, it's more like a poem for badgers.

Visitor: Not magpies?

Bluebird: Badgers.

Visitor: Digging. But not finding: "meaning evident to no one."

Bluebird: Badger badger badger.


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