I visit the zoo.

Monday, October 25, 2004

Visitor: So let me read you the beginning of "The Theorist Has No Samba," which is one of America's 75 best poems of 2004.
there is a new instantism > a language of tangent = tanguage > ambient funguage > there is a modern path > invented through accidental spontaneity + of mock language sport = fractured intelligentsillys > there are sage athleticists + important children farmed out to the furthest reaches of nowness > ... > ... >

Maggot : Imagine that! New! New! New! Nobody ever thought of it before! And now it is! Now it's now! New and now!

Visitor: There's more. There's "this bastard maggot poetry" and "wild screaming bastard maggot that IS poetry!"

Maggot: You're making that up. Let me see that. Oh. I'm not sure I like this.

Dead horse: Well I find it enlivening.


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